Attract new customers

Attract new customers and improve SEO.

Everyone knows that good reviews attract new customers. But did you know that they also directly influence where your business ranks on Google?

Prevent unhappy customers

Prevent unhappy customers from slipping through the gaps.

Our service recovery will help you identify unhappy customers before their problems have the opportunity to escalate, giving you the chance to reach out to the client and make amends.

This is how
Review You works


We help local businesses get better reviews and happier customers – in three simple steps.

The follow up

Step 1: The follow up

We start by following up with recent customers to identify whether or not they were happy with the service you provided. The follow-up message is simple and to the point, inviting happy customers to click on a thumbs up, and unhappy ones to click on a thumbs down.

Step 2: The invitation

If a customer clicks on a thumbs-up, we identify them as a happy customer and invite them to leave reviews on sites like Google and Facebook – ultimately helping you build the online reputation you deserve.

The invitation
The service recovery

Step 3: The service recovery

If someone clicks on a thumbs-down, we identify them as an unhappy customer and privately bring them to your attention – giving you the chance to rectify the problem before it has the opportunity to escalate.

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